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Beta Testers: How to install the BehaviorFlow App

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  1. From the Apple App Store, download the app “TestFlight”. (TestFlight will ask if you want to allow notifications, you do not need to for our purposes)
  2. Open the email from TestFlight, titled “BehaviorPro has invited you to test BehaviorFlow”, and Tap on the button that says “View in TestFlight”.
  3. The iPad should open TestFlight for you (if not, simply navigate there yourself), where you will see the BehaviorFlow icon, and a button below it labeled “Install”. Tap the “Install” button.
  4. When the installation has completed, the “Install” button should become “Open”. Tap the “Open” button.
  5. Allow Notifications from BehaviorFlow.
  6. A box, titled “From the Developer” should appear. The instructions will be identical to the testing instructions in this email. You can tap “Next”.
  7. A box will appear letting you know that from any screenshot that you take in the app, you will have the option to send feedback directly to us. Tap “Learn More” if you would like to (we don’t recommend it, it’s a long, boring document), or you can jump straight into testing by tapping “Start Testing”.
  8. You will now be in the BehaviorFlow app. You can start playing around and running through our testing checklist! Have fun =)

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